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We’re writing to let you know about a wonderful new opportunity, DAMAS: Diversity and Media Activism Summer at Brooklyn College. Held in July, 2017 at the Feirstein School of Cinema inside Brooklyn’s Steiner Studios complex, Brooklyn College will offer a month-long summer intensive media and activism undergraduate program where students gain access to contributing their voices to the American media landscape. In this inaugural 9-credit summer intensive, DAMAS will prepare aspiring media makers with an arsenal of tools to produce collaborative activist media projects, from video to podcast to web-based multi-media productions.

For four weeks, from July 5-28, 15 selected students will take inter-related courses from Brooklyn College faculty in Television and Radio, Film, or Art as they study media and media literacy, and learn media production on site at the Feirstein School.  Weekly field trips to media, non-profit, and community organizations will support culminating activist projects. A set of small-group collaborative diversity projects will be the centerpiece of the programand will be showcased at Feirstein at the end of the DAMAS program.

This is a truly unique program that encourages professional development and empowers students to produce original work. No previous production skills are necessary.