Apply today for Honors Seminar COMM 4000: Stardom and Celebrity Course

COMM 4000: Stardom and Celebrity
(CMS Senior Honors Seminar)

Prof. Margaret Schwartz: FCLC
Prof. Jacqueline Reich: FCRH

Thursdays, 5:45-8:30 pm


In order to qualify for the seminar, you must:

  • Be a CMS major with a Senior status and a major GPA of 3.5 (COMC, COMM, DTEM, FITV, JOUR). PCS students are encouraged to apply as well.
  • Fill out an online application, which includes a short statement (up to 100 words) on why you want to take the course, and include the name of a CMS faculty member to serve as a referee (no letter required).
  • Deadline November 1. Students will be notified by November 5 in time for registration, which will be by permission only.

For additional information, please contact the instructors: (FCLC) and (FCRH).

COMM 4000 Course Details