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Spring 2017 Course Updates

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Dear Students, Now that Spring 2017 registration is ongoing, please note that we have added some new classes and cancelled others. A few other courses still are in danger of cancellation for low enrollment or have lots of seats still available, and so we are writing to ask you to sign up for them now if you have any interest… Read more »

Spring ’17 Course: ‘Comedy Writing – Writing TV Sitcoms’ Sign up today!

Spring’17 Course: Latino Images in Media!

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Spring’17 Course: ‘Global Cinema’ has Spots Available!

Spring’17 Course: ‘Digital Cultures’ Now Open!

Fall ’16 Course: “Writing for Broadcasting” Still Open for Registration!!!

A career in broadcasting journalism awaits you! This course provides an overview of the skills required for the writing of news stories for radio and television including “hard” news, analyses, commentaries and editorials. This course will examine the basic work rules, the best way to “tell a story”, the lead, writing to film and videotape, covering complex issues, punctuation and… Read more »

Fall ’16 Course: Social Media for Journalists- NOW Open for Registration!

This is a research and practice-based course on social media, aimed at journalists who will need to understand and use social media. Students will research historical and contemporary innovation relating to social media, and will then develop strategies for creating impact throughout the course of the semester with their own journalistic projects using social media. Readings, discussions, project critiques, and… Read more »

Fall ’16 Course: Writing TV Sitcoms Open for Registration! Laughter always welcome!

Are you looking for another course for Fall 2016? How about a class geared to make you laugh out loud and where you’ll learn how to make others laugh, as well? If this sounds like something for you, please join us for the course! Sitcoms are shot by multiple cameras which limit the action to one or two sets. This… Read more »

Summer ’16 Course @ LC Campus: Intro to Media Industries NOW Open for Registration!

Learn about some of the most important industries in New York City! We consume media products daily but rarely think about the complex labor, production, and distribution systems that manufacture the broadcast, digital, and print messages around us. This interactive summer course will give you an overview of the television, film, print, music, gaming, advertising and PR industries. You will… Read more »

Fall ’16 Course: Privacy and Surveillance- NOW Open for Registration!

Today’s news headlines are filled with reports of new threats and invasions to privacy. This course will explore the domestic and international development of data privacy law and policy and focus on issues of privacy, security and the emerging regulations that establish fair information practices for the Internet, online platforms, media institutions and global electronic commerce. Particular attention will be… Read more »