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Summer ’16 Course: Intro to Communications & Media Studies NOW open for Registration!

The course is an introduction to the major approaches, theories and perspectives in the study of communication and media. Through readings and lectures students will learn the foundation necessary for advanced study in these fields, discussing such diverse topics as keeping secrets, human territoriality, the cost/benefit analysis of romantic relationships, the class construction of taste in hi/low culture, American media’s… Read more »

Register for History of Television this Fall 2016 @ Lincoln Center!

A look at television’s past, present, and future- from radio to YouTube and beyond. This course surveys the aesthetic, technological, and industrial developments of American television. Starting with the foundations of television in radio and in the global developments of television technologies, the course moves through the development of the network era up to the transitional stages between network and… Read more »

Register for First-Person Journalism for Fall 2016 @ Lincoln Center!

What can explain the enduring popularity of Tom Wolfe and Hunter Thompson and Joan Didion? Brilliant journalism, incisive insight, and provocative ideas. First-person journalism is nothing new. As part of the New Journalism movement, reporters like Wolfe and Didion have infused their storytelling with their personal experience and observations. Today, the digital shift in journalism and explosion of social media… Read more »

Register for Interviews & Profiles Course for Fall 2016 @ Lincoln Center!

The art of the interview is not easy to master. But at the heart of all great journalism you find the crucial interviews that bring to life and reveal a human being or a human condition. One of the great challenges of all journalists, whether digital, print, cable, or broadcast, is the interview. This course will explore the many methods… Read more »