Declare Your Major or Minor! CMS Dept. Info Sessions Coming Soon!

Rose Hill students!  Group declaration and information sessions are now underway.  If you want to declare one of our majors or minors, please attend one of these sessions before the deadline to declare, Feb. 25th, 2017.
We have tried to schedule them on different days of the week and at times when we think students will be free.  Allow 10 mins if you just want to declare, or 30 mins if you want to stay for the presentation on our great new undergraduate majors and minors.
Thursday 2/2 at 1 pm in FMH 232
Tues 2/7 at 1130 am in FMH 234 (note–new room)
Tues 2/7 at 1 pm in  FMH 231 (yes, there at two sessions the same day because there is no free block on Tuesdays).
Monday 2/13 at 1 pm in FMH 232
Wed 2/15 at 1 pm in FMH 231
Thurs 2/23 at 1 pm in FMH 232
Sessions are aimed at sophomores, but first-years are also welcome to attend to get a jump on academic planning.
Questions to Associate Chair Beth Knobel at