Fall Opportunity for students at Fordham with MONO NO AWARE

I wanted to share some upcoming Fall events and opportunities organized by the cinema-arts non-profit MONO NO AWARE.  For the last 11 years MONO has organized an exhibition of expanded cinema, installation and sculpture that incorporates the moving image. This Fall we are teaching unique workshops, in film, photo-chemical processing, animation, 35mm motion picture production, and presenting screenings with visiting artists from around the world. This is a chance for students to engage with an active and vibrant community.

Feel free to share and forward onto students and faculty with an interest in the moving image and hybrid forms of dance, sculpture and installation art work.  


All workshops are inclusive, film stock, equipment, processing, and HD scanning. Led by local artists and filmmakers all films premiere with MONO projected on film at a free screening party open to the public.

Cyanotype 16mm Filmmaking on Sunday 9/10 from 10am-4pm *only one spot left!
*NEW* Pixilation Animation on 16mm 
on Sunday 9/17 from 10am-5pm *only one spot left!
Hand Processing B/W Reversal on Sunday 9/24 from 10am-4pm
Super-8mm Filmmaking on Color Reversal! on Tuesdays (9/12-10/10) from 7-9:15pm
Intro to 16mm on B/W Reversal on Wednesdays (9/13-10/11) from 7-9:15pm
Intro to 35mm Filmmaking on Friday 10/6, Saturday 10/7 and Sunday 10/8
Super-8mm Filmmaking on B/W Reversal + Hand Processing
on Mondays (9/12-10/10) from 7-9:15pm 
Intro to 16mm Color Negative to WP workflow
on Wednesdays (10/18-11/15) from 7-9:15pm
Direct Filmmaking Animation Techniques
 on Saturdays (10/21-11/11) from 12-4pm


MONO NO AWARE is an official distributor of ALL Kodak motion picture stocks. No faxes or phone calls, just email us what you are looking for and pick up at our home office (yass we ship! anywhere in the continental US). Last minute? The night before? 3 AM? We’re here (and awake) – happy to support. Full line of Super 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm B/W and Color camera stocks Need to process that film? We can help there as well. Pick up Photographer’s Formulary D-19, Cyanotype, kits, Kodak fix, or MONO’s very own non-toxic developer kit complete with instructions (just add beer!)  We also have in house cameras, editing facilities, animation/titling stand, processing tanks, and more.  Pick-up conveniently located in the center of Brooklyn near all trains. 2,3,4,5,B,Q,D,N,R & G.


9/22 MONO NO AWARE & Film Makers Cooperative – a program of films made by MONO community members, paired with films from the coop’s collection. Curated by Carolina Mandia (UY)

10/29 Connectivity Through Cinema series presents – Sofia Bohdanowicz (CAN) in person  Never Eat Alone & Shorts *In-person.