Sophomore Major Declaration Sessions for Rose Hill Students

ROSE HILL STUDENTS! As we have too many students coming in to declare right now to have individual meetings, I will have group sessions starting the week of Jan 23, 2017 to take declarations and explain our new undergraduate program.
We have tried to schedule these sessions on different days of the week and at times when we think students will be free.
Wed 1/25 at 2:30 pm – FMH 231
Thursday 2/2 at 1 pm – FMH 232
Tues 2/7 at 1130 am – FMH 312
Tues 2/7 at 1 pm – FMH 231 (yes, there at two sessions the same day because there is no free block on Tuesdays).
Monday 2/13 at 1 pm – Room 232
Wed 2/15 at 1 pm – FMH 231
These sessions are primarily for SOPHOMORES who need to declare a major, minor or both before the deadline next month. But they are also open to FIRST-YEARS who want to know more about our new and improved undergraduate program.
If you need to declare and already know what you want to choose, I’ll move you in and out quickly. And if you want to hear a short presentation about the major and minor options, then plan to stay for about a half hour.
Questions to me, Associate Chair Beth Knobel at Thanks!