Spring 2017 Course Updates

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Dear Students,

Now that Spring 2017 registration is ongoing, please note that we have added some new classes and cancelled others. A few other courses still are in danger of cancellation for low enrollment or have lots of seats still available, and so we are writing to ask you to sign up for them now if you have any interest in joining. Please read!


NEW! We have just opened a new LC section of DTEM 3476 Social Media!

The course section R02 will be taught by Melinda Sebastian and run Fridays 10-1245. CRN is 32199. Sign up now!! This replaces the second section of Digital Cultures, which has been cancelled.

NEW! We have just opened a new LC section of Screenwriting I. This course (section C02) is taught by Nelson Kim Mondays 6-845 pm. CRN is 32233. Sign up now!! This replaces Digital Video II, which has been cancelled.

COMC 3310 C01 ETHICS and POPULAR CULTURE Elizabeth Yuko T 6-845 pm

Elizabeth Yuko comes to us from the Center from Ethics Education, where her speciality is bioethics. If you check out her TEDx talk on the Golden Girls tv show and bioethics, you’ll get a small taste of what’s ahead in this course.


Professor Bordogna is an accomplished filmmaker who will help you move into television’s hottest field.

FITV 3601 L01 TV Theory Linde Murugan MW 1-215

This course has room for more students. This is a required course for all majors in the TV track of the new Film & Television major, so maybe this would be a good time to get it done if you’re an FITV major? The course is offered once on each campus each year.

FITV 3588 L01 Global Cinema Al Auster R 230-515 pm

This is a terrific class that is looking for a few more students. This is a good time to be seeing how filmmakers around the globe deal with issues that face us all including freedom, relationships and self worth.

JOUR 4770 C01 Media Law & Journalistic Ethics Scott Benjamin Tu 6-830 pm

This is an ELP for the COMM/COMC/DTEM and FITV majors/minors as well as an ethics course for the new JOUR majors and minors. Professor Benjamin has both a law degree and experience in journalism.


FITV 3511 R01 Screenwriting II TBA M 6-845pm

This course is likely to be cancelled at RH, as only we have few people signed up for it. We are likely to move FITV 3624 Writing TV Dramas into its spot. See below for more info on that course. If you are interested in Screenwriting II, you can take it at Lincoln Center, where it is scheduled for Mondays 230-515.

FITV 3624 R01 Writing TV Dramas Dee LaDuke W 1130 am-215 pm

This course, taught by the wonderful writer and producer Dee LaDuke, currently has only a few students in its current time slot. If it does not fill in the next week, we will likely move its time to Mondays 6-845 pm. If you do want to take it on Wednesdays, please sign up now. Stay tuned for a possible time change if it does not fill. Please writeknobel@fordham.edu with questions.

JOUR 3715 R01 Writing for Broadcast News Ellen Fleysher Tu Fr 10-11:15 am

This course is essential for anyone planning a career in television or radio news, or anyone planning to work in multimedia journalism who might be writing to video. Professor Fleysher is a former reporter and producer for NBC, CBS and Fox News, who formerly taught broadcast journalism at the University of Miami.

JOUR 4742 R 01 Campus Practicum–FNN (TV Production) Amy Westerby Mon 4-630 pm

In this course, students will produce an actual tv newscast under the supervision of Professor Westerby, who works as a producer for CBS News when she is not at Fordham. This is a great way to learn to shoot video, edit, write and anchor.

Please contact your associate chair with questions–Dr. Gwenyth Jackaway at Lincoln Center at jackaway@fordham.edu or Dr. Beth Knobel at Rose Hill at knobel@fordham.edu.