Connect to the NBCUniversal Page Program! Apply for Cohort Opportunities!!!

The NBCUniversal Page Program recruits large classes of recent college graduates in both LA and NY each quarter. We are currently recruiting for our February 2018 cohort, and at the start of 2018, will be recruiting for our May cohort.  If you have students graduating in December, I would strongly advise them to consider applying to the Program now!

Our current application and more information about the program can be found at our homepage here: . We are always looking for early career candidates with diverse backgrounds who are interested in many different facets of our exciting industry. Our yearlong rotational development program prepares Pages for successful careers at the company by providing them with a well-rounded experience that emphasizes personal and professional growth.

We ask that you share this information to students serious about a career in media. Also, you can encourage them to start following the Program on Twitter Facebook and Instagram if they haven’t already.